I have had the privilege to train with both Linda d’Antal in yoga practice and Alex Filmer Lorch in meditation. It is with thanks and gratitude to have been a recipient of their vast knowledge and non-dogmatic teaching practices. Both Linda and Alex teach from a place of inner knowing that allows them to transmit and teach in a way that is universal as well as being highly creative and yet grounded at the same time. A gift to all their students.

Jennifer Ellis

Director, Yoga Wellness

After years of practicing yoga and exploring different styles, methods and teachers of yoga, I found Linda and it was like coming home.  Her classes were the perfect combination of restorative and dynamic practice, taking me on a blissful journey each and every time.  Linda’s playful and encouraging approach to teaching yoga asana has inspired my teaching immensely – she knows how to make anyone in her classes feel welcome, nurtured and beautiful – an essential skill that is often overlooked.  Her knowledge and experience both practicing and teaching yoga makes her a trusted mentor to anyone lucky enough to fall upon her path.  She has all the magical ingredients for leading transformative yoga classes and retreats and the desire to help you weave them together to make something of your own.

At the same time, I was lucky to find Alex, the voice of wisdom and master of stillness who introduced me to meditation in a way no one had ever explained it before.  Alex’s teachings are deep and profound, yet carry with them the refreshing simplicity of those messages we find in the great texts of the Yoga Sutras and the Tao Te Ching.  I can say with pure confidence that, had I not encountered Alex’s philosophy and immersed myself in his exercises for inner development, I would not be offering my students (and all those I encounter) this quality of presence and purity in my teaching, writing, and being in this world.

Kate Lovell

Independent Yoga Teacher Health Coach

Linda and Alex are both absolutely amazing teachers. They bring magic to their work, they are a dream team!!!
They both teach from an honest place, from their heart, they bring deep accumulated knowledge, which is felt the moment you meet them.

Linda has brought and continues to bring joy to my practice and has a gift for cultivating a sense of kind-lightheartedness into my life.

Alex’s teachings will challenge your intellectual understanding and your thinking process. His teachings always come with practical applications and he makes it accessible for anyone and everyone.
Even for me as a movement person… I do not naturally gravitate in my intellect, but somehow Alex got me to use my brain the way nature had intended it to. I got over my fear of my “intellectual” brain.

I’ve been teaching yoga & meditation for 7 years now and I’m filled with gratitude that Linda and Alex helped me find “my thing”, “my calling”. They teach honest, real yoga, philosophy and meditation. This course will be challenging and you will learn a lot, be prepared to be transformed. I wish I could do it again!!!

Samira Schmidli

Independent Yoga Teacher

With high expectations I entered my Yoga Teacher Training. my life was going to change and I knew it. Linda is a teacher one has to fall in love with. her knowledge is based on years of practice, yoga on and off the mat, immense care and responsibility. her soft, yet firm style paired with clear instructions, spiced up with the love for what she’s doing make her to one of the most commited teachers I know. her integrity and support have made this training pure joy and taken it for me from the studio to the outside world, where I now practice what I was taught. and yes… my life did change! thank you Linda – seems inadequate to express my gratitude – for believing in me and supporting me on this path.


The Yoga Lovers