Here are some Feedbacks from participants of the last years Teacher Training…

I did the teacher training in the Autumn and it was great!  I didn’t have plans to be a full time yoga teacher but wanted to learn more about yoga, develop my practice and maybe share it with others.  The experience has enriched my practice and I was surprised to find that I really do love teaching others yoga.

Our time at the Treehouse was so special and the teachers were not only specialists in their own subjects but set a great example in teaching.

Katie teaches Anatomy and Physiology and she makes an otherwise difficult subject so visual that it all makes sense.  Her props were so creative and she brings the subject to life.  I have tried to bring that spirit into my own teaching.  Truly inspirational!

Richard teaches Yoga Philosophy & Sanskrit.  This has to be experienced and can’t really be described.  He is a genius!  He teaches with kindness, humour and music.  I gained self confidence in my voice and this is so important if you’re going to teach yoga.

Alex teaches Meditation (and Brain Science). He has so much knowledge of meditation and of how our brains work.  These teachings have so much relevance in this world of constant  communication.   I think about something he has said almost every day!

Linda teaches the physical and philosophical Yoga.  She is the one who teaches you how to teach yoga.  She brings so much experience to the sessions in mental and physical aspects of yoga.  She is the heart of the program and what a big heart!  She has vast experience and is always learning herself which makes for a very good teacher.

The program was perfect for me because it isn’t based on a strict single type of yoga.  You learn about yoga and not just a regiment of poses.  It has given me a much deeper understanding of what I love.

I signed up to this course expecting to learn a lot, but what I didnt realise was just how transformational it would be, not only for my yoga practice, but also for me as a person.

The true teachings of Yoga were made personal and applicable to everyday life, and it was incredible learning how to be a yoga teacher from the inside out.



This Yoga Teacher Training is given by   people who have deep knowledge of yoga as a whole, making it a joy to learn from.

Its given me enlightenment over the ways yoga unites many elements to form a whole, which has in turn impacted on the way I choose to live.

I believe this is the beginning of a much bigger journey in my life.