Inner Work – Transformation

Price: £60
Level: All Levels
At: The Tree House

Inner work is a practical – modern down to earth approach, to facilitate & establish lasting change within us. It implements simple applicable and thoroughly researched techniques to understand how our personality & mind functions & how we ultimately transform deeply engrained patterns, fear, insecurities & friction through a greater understanding of how we interact & who we truly are.

Inner work is based on ancient far-east psychology principles taught in a neutral, modern and accessible language.

Follow the pulse of consciousness.

Gather the fragments of the divided self.

Learn to remember.

R.L. Willis

Inner work and the art of self-remembering, offer a practical application of ancient spiritual teachings for the seeker of the sacred path of consciousness.

Encounter the inherent aspiration of the seeking heart and the need to reveal the secret of being. This encourages the practitioner to discover and develop awareness, and to express those aspects in each of us, which are noble and true. Inner work enables the practitioner to explore one’s own consciousness and discover the essential qualities of one’s existence as an intimate reality.

It becomes a transformative method for all seekers of self-realization and studies the psychology of man’s possible evolution, deepens the understanding of the use of self-observation and explores the functions of the mind and the vibration (Spanda) of consciousness. Looking at the relationship between awareness and attention, we learn about the inner meaning of permanent centre of gravity and practice how to connect the more subtle centers aiming for integration and balance.

In understanding this new language based on far-east psychology principles, we ultimately teach the body to stay motionless while sitting, and encourage