Energising, empowering, healing, revitalising, joyful, blissful… in which ever way yoga has come into and affected our lives, we can all acknowledge its powerful, practical and positive effects. Treehouse Yoga has evolved through the spirit of wanting to share what each of us have discovered and experienced on our own yoga journeys.  We have been offering  classes, workshops, retreats, therapies and teacher trainings for over 25 years.  We run daytime and evening classes in Southfields and South West London, and weekend workshops and regular retreats in natural and  magical places around the world.  Please feel free to get in touch and come and join us.

We truly hope to be able to offer you an experience that will bring more peace, joy, health and happiness into your life.


With Love

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Our Teachers

Linda d’Antal

E-RYT 500 US Yoga Alliance SYT UK Yoga Alliance


Linda leads transformational  and creative flow classes drawn from over 35 years experience in healing, yoga and body work. Her yoga studies began at the Institute for Naturopathy and Yogic Sciences in Bangalore in 1988. Whilst there and during her travels in India she  discovered, experienced and observed the healing power of Yoga, Pranayama, and Meditation, which she has been sharing ever since.

In her early teens she learned and began hands on healing, and her spiritual journey began. Her  interest in health and conscious living and deep love of yoga have led her to many wonderful teachers, ashrams, and trainings around the world. Among these are Sivananda Vedanta, as staff in London, Canada and the Bahamas, Swami Sankarananda, Robin Munro and the Yoga Biomedical Trust, Uma Krishnamurthi, Dr Sri Krishna, Donna Farhi, Rusty Wells, Richard Freeman, Max Strom, Marisol Kucharek, Andreas Wisniewski,  Yogeshwari and Jivamukti, Sundara, Miguel Angel Sanchez, Simon Borg Olivier, Ben Wolf, Angela Farmer, Victor van Kooten, MOOJI, and all of her much loved students.  Prior to going to India  she lived in Greece for 12 years and spent much time with the renowned gypsy herbalist Juliette de Bairacli Levy who inspired her to study naturopathy, iridology, and nutritional medicine.

She is a qualified Yoga Therapist, has studied remedial and thai yoga massage.  Linda has run a private yoga studio in London since 1990, and is on the teaching faculty of the Art of Contemporary Yoga. (AOCY), and Director of Yoga at Ashiyana Centre Goa.

Ellie Redcliffe


RYT 200 US Yoga Alliance

Ellie grew up surrounded by yoga and dance. From a young age she studied many forms of modern and classical dance and various styles of yoga. Her early interest in movement forms and the cultural significance of the mind-body connection led her to study Anthropology at Durham University. Here, she developed a deep interest in shamanic societies and a passion for understanding our relationship with the natural world. She became fascinated by the body of knowledge our ancestors possessed about the physical connection with spirit that we have temporarily forgotten but are now re-learning through yoga and other movement modalities.

Later Ellie was inspired to teach yoga by two beautiful spirits and empowered yoginis: her mother, a teacher in the Bihar school tradition, and Linda d’Antal, her teacher and mentor. She completed her original training in the Sivananda tradition and continues to study and be inspired by all styles of yoga and forms of movement: Vinyasa flow, Ashtanga, Jivamukti, Scaravelli and Kundalini yoga and all forms of ritual dance and expressive movement.

Over the years Ellie has explored and deepened her own practice with many different teachers and styles. More recently she has been developing her own way of expressing yoga and of sharing the gifts of these ancient arts. Her more recent trainings include Thai Yoga Massage with Kira Balaskas, Kundalini yoga with Guru Rattana and Chakra Healing with Viriam Kaur. Ellie’s predominantly Vinyasa Flow based Yoga classes combine flowing sequences, breath work and relaxation. Her warmth, enthusiasm and down to earth approach create a playful and stimulating environment with awesome and eclectic playlists to uplift. Through her classes she offers you a way to find peace, strength, to connect to yourself, and discover your own intuitive way of moving.

Ellie believes that our strength lies in being totally, authentically ourselves and knowing that sometimes accepting what is and letting go are all part of our transformation. As Leonard Cohen so poetically puts it “forget your perfect offering, there is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”.

Alexander Filmer Lorch


E-RYT 500 US Yoga Alliance SYT UK Yoga Alliance

Alexander Filmer-Lorch has established an international reputation for innovation in developing yoga, meditation and movement-based teaching inspired by the latest scientific research on the body and self-development.

He guides and facilitates teachers and students at an international level. His work is a synthesis of 30 years of experience in movement, yogic disciplines and is based on continuously teaching workshops, teacher trainings, one to one sessions and self-practice.

Alexander is the author of the meditation guidebook ‘Inside Meditation – in search of the unchanging nature within’, which is a comprehensive exploration and contemporary analysis of the process, practice and science of meditation.

Joanne Avison


Pain removed, mobility restored

Jo Avison, top UK expert in fascial theory and practice, runs a unique teacher training programme based on the most up-to date, exciting and advanced research in anatomy and fascia in human movement and performance. Jo’s extensive studies include working with other leading edge teachers such as Tom Myers, Robert Schleip, Jim Oschmann, Todd Garcia and Caroline Myss.

Jo is passionate about helping students make sense of anatomy and moving body architecture, so they can literally transform people. With her intensive training in archetypal pattern, her illuminating workshops are fascinating and invaluable to all, especially Yoga teachers and therapists, movement instructors, sports coaches, physical & manual practitioners, professional athletes and personal trainers. They are for anyone seeking to make a sustainable difference in their own and their clients’ lives.

Students on the Art of Contemporary Yoga (AOCY) programme are trained in the full range of dynamic, flowing and restorative yoga, yoga therapy and contemporary meditation. (“From Speed to Stillness”). This course is co-taught with Alexander Waldenmaier, Linda d’Antal, Shane McDermott and Philippa King, ensuring a high tutor/student ratio and a full range of all aspects of Yoga training.

Jo is an international workshop leader in myofascial anatomy in yoga and structural integration, facilitating all levels of practitioners to include myofascial release techniques and skilled adjustment in their movement and hands-on work. She also teaches yoga and practices structural integration privately in Brighton. She specialises in removing pain and restoring movement for a wide range of people of all ages and lifestyles, from teenagers with ‘growing pains’ to pensioners with mobility problems, and is increasingly treating athletes, both professional and amateur, with long term chronic injuries and injury prevention techniques. Jo’s hands-on work continues to feed into her ongoing research, and helps to keep her at the cutting edge of this exciting profession.

Viriam Kaur


Viriam Kaur is a writer and Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Goa, India. She has been teaching yoga and chakra healing for ten years in London, Goa, the Himalayas and Thailand. India has been her greatest teacher – it challenges, provokes and elevates her! She trained with the SKY School of Kundalini Yoga in the UK in 2003 and is also a UK certified massage therapist.

Viriam has devised her own Chakra Healing technique. Viriam also writes regularly for Yoga Magazine and other publications. She is currently working on her second mantra album – check her out at